A Welcoming Community

This was the first workshops with Michael; I traveled from Perth in Western Australia to attend it. My past experience with Michael had been seeing and sensing his qi projection in a video clip. This prompted me to order his Gift of the Tao qigong DVDs, which I used to teach myself the movements. The… Read more “A Welcoming Community”

An Extremely Lucky Opportunity

I had the privilege to be invited to study with Michael in a private intensive at his home as well as do the June Stillness movement seminar last month and just wanted to write a report on my experiences. This was an extremely lucky opportunity as Michael only accepts a limited number of students by… Read more “An Extremely Lucky Opportunity”

Completely Blown Away

I found out about SM through Dao Bums and was completely blown away by the 5 days of personal training and the workshop! Adrian described the 5 days of personal training very well and I have nothing more to add. The workshop was like a condensed version of what we learned during the 5 days… Read more “Completely Blown Away”

A Terrific Workshop

My first contact with Michael Lomax’s teaching was when I bought his DVD, Gift of Tao I (GOT I) a couple of years ago. At that time I was looking for some standing moving qigong to complement my quiet sitting. The first time I watched the DVD, I did not like it. The form looked… Read more “A Terrific Workshop”


A review on a Qigong workshop that I attended just last weekend. Remember, I’m just an entry-level taoist here. As a student of TCM, you tend to meet some interesting people in school, one of which is my classmate who does Medical Qigong. When I saw him work on another classmate’s sprained knee (without even… Read more “WOW”

A Treasure

For the benefit of others I would like to to post my experience with Stillness-Movement, medical Qigong, and Taoist Neuro-energetic healing. First my background, I began martial arts training in 1976. I have had one primary instructor – Will Higgenbotham, Will had the wisdom to expose us to many different incredibly talented individuals. among thos… Read more “A Treasure”

Utter Joy and Energy Experiences

First off let me add that all the practitioners at the workshop were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone there was so friendly and I hope to have the pleasure to meet up with some of them again some time in the future. I would also like to thank Michael for… Read more “Utter Joy and Energy Experiences”

A Review of A Light Warriors Guide

I suspect that if Michael Lomax was Chinese, wore the silk pyjamas and spoke in riddles, he would have people kicking down his door to learn from him. Probably a few years back now, I first encountered Michael’s book while doing a browse of the different qigong and martial arts books on While being… Read more “A Review of A Light Warriors Guide”

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