Complete Clinical Qigong Training & Certification

Clinical Qigong is the therapeutic application of Wai Qi Liao Fa – Healing with External Energy. We offer complete training in these healing arts with a 500 hour certification program. ANYONE who wishes to help others can learn these amazing arts. One can be in the medical field or simply wish to be the “family healer”. Contact us for more info and information about our workshops.

Teacher Michael Lomax is a Level IV certified NQA teacher.

The Stillness-Movement Neigong therapeutics include:

Qigong Tui Na hands-on therapeutics which is Qi-based muscle balancing

Wai Qi Liao Fa – Qi “projection”, Qi Manipulation

Chinese Taoist Medicine Form – Neuro-energetic Qigong Bodywork. Teacher Micheal Lomax is the only teacher of this advanced medical qigong based bodywork therapy. The introduction to this form of bodywork is available as part of our membership options

Clinical Qigong Therapeutic Distance Sessions – We also offer Clinical Qigong Distance Sessions. We work on the Energy Body itself instead of the physical body. Before anyone dismisses the efficacy of this form of therapy, do a search for “quantum entanglement”.

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