Happy New Year for 2022!

Happy New Year for 2022! May all achieve peace, tranquility, and prosperity.  2021 presented challenges and more are incoming for 2022. Help prepare for those challenges with a calm heart, calm mind, and increased energetic awareness through learning Stillness-Movement Neigong/Qigong.  Consider joining us in our Stillness-Movement system for our monthly or optional bi-monthly distance sessions

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LOOKing or LISTENing?

You, Me & the Light Post Looking Versus LISTENING True story, happened this week.  We have two new baby lambs, 2 days old. They follow their mother around as the herd wanders the pastures. I looked up around noon and only saw 1 baby.  We got out and looked until late today – several hours

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Master Wang Juemin

Michael Lomax & Master Wang Jue Min at the Baoding Qigong Healing Hospital Chinese National Treasure Qigong/Neigong/Medical Qigong Master Wang Jue Min This is not intended to be complete but to give an overview of the man and his teachers.  Some of this info is from memory, some is from the Book “A Light Warrior’s

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