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Stillness-Movement Neigong

“There are 3 forms of Classical Chinese Medicine; 1) Low Level 2) Mid Level and 3) High Level. These correspond to 1) Treat the Body, 2) Treat the Mind, and 3) Help a Person Find and Fulfill Their Destiny.”
Qigong Teacher Michael Lomax

Stillness-Movement is a High Level Chinese Energy Arts System

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Stillness-Movement Neigong is a COMPLETE system and includes both neigong and therapeutics.

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A Light Warriors Guide to High Level Energy Healing

Qigong Teacher Michael Lomax's personal journey into the world of the Shaman and the world of the Chinese Qigong Masters provides us with a Higher Level path by showing these worlds are one and the same and are available to anyone willing to put forth the time & effort. The medical qigong treatment methods listed are invaluable to the energy healer and the described Stillness-Movement system is a true lineage neigong energy cultivation system.

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