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January 21st – Distance Session Immersion

Join us for this Distance Session Immersion in Stillness-Movement Neigong!

We will have scheduled sitting, standing, and movement. And scheduled breaks; each session will be 45 minutes. Three 45 minute sessions with a 10 minute break after each session, then an online video (we will send info on which software to use) chat to ask questions about the session. A complete itinerary will be emailed to you once you register.

Prerequisite is being a member of the Stillness-Movement online site, as specific movements will be required. These movements are available via streaming on the site. Yes, one can join for just the one month provided they do so in time to learn the movements for this session. The registration fee below is in addition to site membership.

Site members of the “twice a month” will receive a $50 discount.

Don’t contact us and ask “what time?”; if you don’t have the “time”, then don’t participate. The hours will be emailed to you once you register. It will be during daylight hours CST.

Registration fee is $199.00 with a $50 discount for twice a month members.

All registrations are final with no refunds. MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS!!!

Registration is for members only.
Please login or sign up for a membership to register for the immersion session.

We strongly encourage you to attend a workshop. In our workshops you’ll be able to experience:

  • The energetic projection lineage transmission which is unique to the Stillness-Movement system
  • Other practices that need to be taught in person
  • The therapeutics
  • Interaction with senior students. You’ll be joining a growing community of students who will help and guide you along your journey. 
The students attending my workshops get many benefits. First, they learn a powerful neigong form as well as qigong movements that will give them benefit the rest of their lives. The result of practice of these forms is truly awesome in each person’s own awakening process. The result is a raising of their own energy body vibration rate which extends awareness by a large factor. It also burns through “filters” that we have created throughout our life, helping us to see “that which is real”. It also helps keep our bodies healthy so we do not have as many sick days and so we recover faster if we do get sick.

But what is the single most important thing? As I was discussing this subject what came to my mind was empowerment of each person for themselves with a calmness and confidence to tackle their everyday lives.
– Michael Lomax
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