Monthly Distance Class

Session will be done on a Sunday at 1 PM CST for an hour. The member class will do sitting or standing neigong during the hour while the Teacher manipulates Qi for the purpose of progressing one’s energy body. Yes. this is one Sunday per month for each month, 12 classes per year!

This will also include questions on a private forum for the student to meditate with and answer at their leisure. Note: Best is to do your neigong session during the scheduled time. However, benefit will still be there if one does their neigong on the day of the class at the hour of their choosing due to the non-linear nature of our energetics. However, the student MUST sit for an hour to get full benefit. Student MUST practice the movements.

Member MUST have read the book A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing and will follow the Stillness-Movement neigong practice as listed in the book. Member MUST begin and continue the Gift of the Tao movements, which ARE included as streaming video in the price of becoming a member!

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