Links of Interest

Stillness Movement Student Website

Over the last many years there have been thousands of students who have studied with Teacher Lomax and learned these amazing healing arts. The student website is maintained by senior students of the system and contains testimonials and articles written by these amazing practitioners. Check it out!

THE Single Most Profound Method to Homeostasis?

Is there ANY natural substance that can help my body achieve homeostasis, and in a PROFOUND MANNER? In my 40 years of studying natural medicine, I have personally tried many many herbs and neutraceuticals. And I have seen many results but have never seen ANYTHING that appears to help every single person that takes it. Learn more.

National Qigong Association

The NQA is a community of Qigong practitioners dedicated to increasing awareness of the great healing modality of Qigong.

Qigong Institute

The Qigong Institute is an organization dedicated to promoting the scientific understanding of the basis of Qigong through research and education.

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