Completely Blown Away

I found out about SM through Dao Bums and was completely blown away by the 5 days of personal training and the workshop! Adrian described the 5 days of personal training very well and I have nothing more to add. The workshop was like a condensed version of what we learned during the 5 days of personal training. However, not everything covered in the 5 days was covered in the workshop due to time constraints. I greatly benefited from the personal training because up until that point, I had never seen the GOT I, II, III moves before and would have struggled to learn them properly in the 2 day workshop.   Furthermore, combing the 5 days with the weekend really upped the game on the training!The 5 days gradually built up to the workshop which felt like going through a rite of passage and initiation of sorts. During the projection, I got to touch a level that would have been beyond reach under normal circumstances! However, a lot more went on at the workshop besides the teaching and projection. There was a very strong Divine presence experienced at one point which filled the entire room and made a person want to fall to their knees. To be honest, I would say that “religious” would be a better word than “qigong” to describe that went on there. Not religion in the sense of organized religion, but true spirituality may be a better word. It was very intense.

The projections strongly affected, purified and attuned my heart and crown chakras such that afterwards I could connect with what feels like higher Divine energies expressed as pure devotion and surrender to God. This is my way of experiencing the energy but I think that every individuals experience will be unique. One thing is clear though, this isn’t your everyday type of qigong that you hear about. The system uses higher vibrational energy and is not your regular type of qi energy. Hence the name higher level qigong!

Michael is also a great guy with a sense of humor, which he surprised me with when I approached him at the airport and he presented himself as a non-english speaking German that could only speak Dutch! Haha! I also enjoyed spending time with my newly acquired Aussie friend and everyone else at the workshop. I’m humbled by the people I met there and would like to thank Michael again for a truly wonderful and life changing experience.

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