A Welcoming Community

This was the first workshops with Michael; I traveled from Perth in Western Australia to attend it.

My past experience with Michael had been seeing and sensing his qi projection in a video clip. This prompted me to order his Gift of the Tao qigong DVDs, which I used to teach myself the movements. The DVDs and the video clip whetted my appetite to explore the Gift of the Tao system first-hand from Michael.

There were over 20 attendees at the workshops. I wasn’t the only international student there – two attendees travelled from the UK and Brazil.   The other attendees came from all over the USA.

My first – and lasting – impression of the workshops was of the enthusiasm and friendliness of the teacher and students.

I’ve been to numerous meditation and qigong workshops, but have never encountered such a welcoming community of people. I found myself quickly connecting with several of my fellow attendees, sharing stories of our spiritual journeys and the power of qigong, and sharing insight into how to perform the movements. The community spirit was fostered by a workshop dinner. After traveling such a distance and being so far from home, the community spirit meant a great deal to me.

Michael was a very personable teacher. I was hugely impressed by him greeting each of the attendees individually at the start of the workshop. There was no Guru-complex going on. This impression was reinforced by Michael getting his senior students to lead the workshop teaching of the three Gift of the Tao movement sets. Michael created a qi-field during the workshops, and this was responsible for the many breakthroughs that I and other attendees experienced.

During the workshop, we practiced the Gift of the Tao 1 and 2. We also learned the Gift of the Tao 3, a set of movements that has been revealed to Michael more recently. The power of all three movement systems has to be experienced to be believed – they induce strong qi sensations within, alter the environmental qi and hugely elevate your awareness. Having practiced a handful of qigong systems over 18 years, the Gift of the Tao system has induced in me the most profound experiences of any system I have tried.

The teaching at the workshop was of a very high level. The senior students brought their own insights into how to perform the movements, and we had ample opportunity to practice each movement and to ask questions and seek clarification from the teachers. During the workshop, I was rather dizzy with the amount of information being imparted, but found that my understanding of the energetics of each movement enhanced incredibly. On my return home, I learned the Gift of the Tao 1 and 2 movements thoroughly in three days flat.   Nothing taught at the workshops went to waste it seems

Perhaps the highlight of the workshops for me was the “lighting the fire”. This involved Michael projecting qi so as to unlock the attendees’ ability to undertake high level qigong. As a result of Michael’s qi projection, I experienced much spontaneous body movement and had several visions, such as seeing the heavens and earth open up.

I also attended the optional clinical application workshop. This workshop involved Michael and senior students teaching qi healing techniques. All attendees were then able to practice the techniques on each other to heal various ailments. The techniques are very simple yet profound. As a result of practicing the Gift of the Tao movements and Stillness Movement, you quickly develop the ability to amass and manipulate qi. Pretty much all attendees were able to achieve an 80 – 100% healing rate. The potential implications for our health care system of these techniques is mind blowing.

In closing, I am so glad that I attended the workshops. After arriving in Springfield on a wet cold winter’s day and fatigued and bothered after much flying, I had nagging doubts about the wisdom of attending the workshop. Repeatedly I asked myself “what the hell am I doing here! Why am I spending this time and money coming all this way when I’m unemployed and should be looking for a job!” I am glad to say that these nagging doubts quickly left me – the workshops were profound and life enhancing for me.

So there is no doubt in my mind that if you have the chance, do attend one of Michael’s workshops.

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