Happy New Year for 2022!

Happy New Year for 2022! May all achieve peace, tranquility, and prosperity. 

2021 presented challenges and more are incoming for 2022. Help prepare for those challenges with a calm heart, calm mind, and increased energetic awareness through learning Stillness-Movement Neigong/Qigong. 

Consider joining us in our Stillness-Movement system for our monthly or optional bi-monthly distance sessions to help all to meet life challenges in an aware state of energetics. Raise YOUR energy body vibration.

Join us at www.stillnessmovement.com to learn & progress in your cultivation. For new students, register for our newsletter, then get a coupon code to a yearly membership by sending us an email through this form asking for the coupon code. The code will be valid for 10 days. https://stillnessmovement.com/contact/

Our program consists of the monthly Stillness-Movement Neigong distance sessions plus ALL of our current as well as future video available for streaming. Video includes ALL of our Gift of Tao qigong movements! Gift of Tao is an inclusive SYSTEM of energy development and includes all tools needed to progress in one’s energetic cultivation. Video also includes the Introduction to Chinese Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapeutics.

Interact with advanced Stillness-Movement students on our private forum; these accomplished practitioners have many years experience and can help with beginner to intermediate questions.

Our monthly sessions includes class questions to help students progress with each monthly distance session. These sessions include a particular energy manipulation session where the teachers manipulate Qi for the group to help them with cultivation of their energy body. 

Our Neigong/Qigong has been proven to offer progression to students in their cultivation; proven over many decades in China and other countries. It’s modern component includes well over 300 man-years of contribution from the very most accomplished Qigong Masters of China, where it’s ancient component is derived from the Shaman teachers and then the Taoist & Buddhist teachers. Teacher Michael Lomax transmits to students this legacy.

Read about Michael Lomax’s teacher Chinese National Treasure Wang Juemin on this blog post: https://betweenyoumeandthelightpost.com/master-wang-juemin/ 

Teacher Michael Lomax ( www.michaellomax.com ) has 50 years of experience with Neigong/Qigong, ran a pain therapy clinic for over 35 years utilizing Clinical Qigong (called Medical Qigong in China), and taught Qigong Masters from many countries. The Stillness-Movement group consists of students from most countries of the world. Here is his short bio: https://betweenyoumeandthelightpost.com/michael-lomax/

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