The Imperative Need of Immediacy when working on client trauma as a Clinical Qigong Therapist

This really can be boiled down to one sentence but I will attempt to clarify.

Acute Injury. What to do? Why is immediacy imperative?

When one receives an acute trauma, the physicality of the injury either begins or is immediate. Tissue damage, bone damage, nerve damage, etc is already there, whether there is a delayed reaction of pain or if it is immediate. However, the ENERGY damage is only there as an imprint, but hasn’t sunk in. There is an immense opportunity on the part of the Clinical Qigong Therapist in the very first few hours of an injury that will not present itself later. IF addressed immediately, we often see minimum damage. The reason is the “imprint” mentioned above has not actually set in. Another thing is that the sick qi hasn’t had time to set in. If we remove the trauma imprint, then the actual physicality of damage will be minimized. What this can result in, practically, is there will be minimum signs of inflammation, minimum pain, minimum restrictions of movement, etc.

IF given the opportunity, never put off working on an initial trauma case and do the session as soon as is possible! Potentially, a single session could result in a client not having months of pain and rehab, much less inflammation, not having to take pain medication, and having a significantly much better outcome.

Of course all this doesn’t mean that later wai qi liao fa wont work nor that we shouldn’t do later sessions, but that it will be much easier to take care of the problem plus will give the client significantly better quality of life.

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