Stillness-Movement Clinical Qigong Wai Qi Liao Fa & Chinese Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapeutics In Clinic

It has been a while since I did a hands-on clinical session. Mostly, over the last several years, my focus has been on teaching and distance sessions, with demos at the workshops.

This week I broke the trend by working in clinic. My first client was a massage therapist,

During the interview, this client indicated some “tightness” mid-back was the main complaint.

However, palpation revealed many things: Me, “Did you have a fall when you were around 7 years old and injure here? Client: “Yes”. Me: “Do you hurt here?” “Yes”. Moving to another area, “Do you hurt here?” “Yes”. Moving up the body, “How about here?” “Yes.” Moving up to cervical area, “Do you feel this imbalance?” “Yes”. “Headaches?” “Had a migraine a couple of weeks ago”. “Does this side of the Tempo mandibular joint hurt?” “Yes”

OK, then.

Proper Palpation reveals EVERYTHING that needs to be addressed, and finds old-injury root cause!

I proceeded to utilize the Stillness-Movement Taoist Neuro-Energetic therapeutics and balanced out the entire neuro-muscular system. It was easy to feel the individual muscles release as I was performing the therapy. Success!

I was working in the cervical area and demonstrated to the client that there was severe range of motion (ROM) restriction. About 20 degrees ROM to the right, and about 40 degrees to the left. Working on balancing the neuro-energetic distribution system utilizing the Taoist Therapeutics, we achieved 70 degrees to the left but to the right only about 40 degrees. “Ah, you have a blockage of energy flow in THIS energy gate (not in cervical area)”. I utilized Stillness-Movement Qigong Tui Na and released that energy blockage then rechecked cervical ROM. Much better. but still not complete. Utilizing Stillness-Movement Qigong Acupuncture method for about one minute, I opened up the triple warmer channel, then rechecked cervical ROM. Full on both sides. Success!

I asked the client if they had any pain. “Just a bit sore right here on the right upper back.” I had already seen that the SI energy channel was blocked and proceeded to utilize more of the qigong acupuncture. Just about 30 seconds did it. “Do you hurt anywhere”. “No, It is all gone”.

But I SAW sick Qi still stuck in 2 areas, so I utilized direct Stillness-Movement Wai Qi Liao Fa. It took about 5 minutes to accomplish the task, as I wanted to be thorough. It was wild watching the sick Qi boil out of the client’s body, “Did you feel that leave your body?” “YES!” “How do you feel now?” “SO much lighter!”

And THAT is the power of therapeutics of our Stillness-Movement based therapeutics. One of THE most effective forms of therapeutics available!

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