THE Single Most Profound Method to Homeostasis?

Qigong? There is no question among practitioners that it can help the body in achieving homeostasis. To me, Qigong practice is amazingly profound and I attribute my being alive to the practice. But we should always look to optimization. The question becomes, “Is there ANY natural substance that can help my body achieve homeostasis, and in a PROFOUND MANNER?

In my 40 years of studying natural medicine, I have personally tried many many herbs and neutraceuticals. And I have seen many results but have never seen ANYTHING that appears to help every single person that takes it.

I have been researching cannabinoid receptors in the body and Hemp Oil and CBD content. My research led to me looking at exactly what is on the market and exactly what makes a product exceptional versus just “OK”.

I tried different oils, and some of them I felt nothing and some of them helped but not in a real profound manner.

I had to ask myself, “Why is this so?” The literature revealed what appears to be a simple fact. Common CBD absorption rate of the majority of hemp oils is around 12%.

And now the question was. “How to increase that absorption by a significant factor”. My research led me to the extremely costly methodology of NANO-SIZING CBD PARTICLES. The literature suggests a significant increase of efficiency of absorption in the body due to the increased surface area of the Nano-Particles. WOW! This makes total sense to me!

Further research led me to ONE company that made a product using this Nano-Particle technology with the product selling at competitive pricing to non-Nano technology. Looking further I found that this company’s Hemp Oil is Organic and produced in the USA. And that their 1500MG hemp oil is FULL SPECTRUM!

I ordered some and tried it and my mind was totally blown as I simply did NOT expect this type of efficacy for myself. I also tried it with my family, and again, was STUNNED at the results in both myself and my family.

The icing on the cake is that this company’s products have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! I called the company and became an independent distributor of what I consider THE SINGLE MOST PROFOUND advancement in natural medicine. They didn’t call me, I called them!

Here is the product I am taking and the good news is that it ships to over 60 countries!

There are no long term commitments, only access to what i have found is an entire range of amazing organic products. I have since begun taking their protein powder – NOT whey based! And their greens powder; I make a shake every day and absolutely love how this makes me feel.

In all honesty I can absolutely say that I feel 20 years younger! And that those around me have noticed that same change. You can try and see for yourself. So far in my personal interactions there are none that haven’t reported the same experience for themselves.

Here is my website! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to share, in detail, these most amazing results we have had in our family.

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